More Sheep

After seeing all the sheep in New Zealand, I'm obsessed. I didn't have time to prepare a new image to paint in my watercolor class tonight, so I decided to just play around and experiment using a drawing from my sketchbook.  I scanned the sketch and printed it out on watercolor paper. I modified the color of the line work so it wasn't black, but more of  a dark maroon color. I painted the image in watercolor which caused the line work to bleed a little bit, but I liked the effect. I then  added a little watercolor pencil for texture and rescanned the color version into Painter when I got home. I digitally added a few more details and a little more texture to the wool. I then opened the image in photoshop and tweeked the color of the grass which was much more green in the original. Added the butterfly which I cut and pasted from an old illustration. I love being able to do the finishing details on the computer. That way if it gets overworked, I can delete the stuff that isn't working and still have the original painting. 

Illustration Friday: Breezy

With the wind in her wool, the sheep felt light and breezy. Ok, a stretch, but I just got back from New Zealand and have sheep on my mind. Decided to play around with Painter today and sketched the sheep using a crow quill pen. Then using layers, I painted the background using sponges and the blender tool. Fun!

Missing in Action

Yikes! I managed to sneak out of town without leaving a post that I would be gone for awhile. In case you've been wondering, I just got back from a three week trip to New Zealand. Wow! What an amazing trip. Toured mostly the south island this year with only a few days spent in Auckland.  The south island is much more spectacular in beauty than the north...which is saying a lot, as the north island is incredibly beautiful!  Millions of sheep everywhere. These lovely beauties live on the farm of my friend Kathryn Wills. Some of them are self-moulting sheep. Their wool just falls off, so they never have to be sheared. I had a blast wandering around the pasture taking their pictures.  More pics tomorrow!