Birthday Giveaway!

Well, today is my birthday. I've decided to start lying about my age. It's just a number right? Why can't I just make up the number I want? Besides, when my mother called to wish me a Happy Birthday and I reminded her how old I was, her response was one of disbelief...she had to calculate it in her head to make sure I was telling the truth!! So if my mom can't remember and she gave birth to me, then why not just be the age I want to be? So, Happy Birthday to me as I'm feeling pretty darn young today!

And because I'm feeling so good, I thought I would give away of two of my "It's Easter" board books that came out last Spring. Each book comes with dye-cut eggs and the book is attached to a felt bag to hold the eggs. Definitely a book for a young me :o)

Leave me a comment, no later than Monday, April 22 and I will enter you in the drawing. I will post the winners here on Tuesday and will mail out the books in time for Easter. Each book comes with a personalized card and autograph by the illustrator, me!

You can also check out my post on PBJunkies today, all about dogs. Happy weekend!