Day 1/21 Creative Exercise

I've decided to join Alicia Padron and her talented group of blogging buddies in a 21 day creative exercise. Sketch for 15 minutes everyday...they say it takes 3 weeks of doing something consistently to form a new habit. You can check out the other participants and their work on Alicia's blog links list. You'd think sketching everyday would come naturally to an artist, but like everyone, life gets in the way. The premise is to try something new, step out of your safety zone, so to speak. So here goes with day one! 

I've been fascinated with the Peregrine Falcons that are nesting atop City Hall in San Jose, California. The eggs hatched on Earth Day and Carlos and Clara have been busy catching local pigeon to feed their growing brood. You can catch them on the Falcon Cam that has been set up by the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group at UC Santa Cruz. Here is a sketch of Clara with her chicks from this morning taking a cat nap waiting for Carlos to bring home the chow!